Ageing takes a lifetime

but aged care can be immediate

A little help and guidance can smooth the transition to aged care.

It can be a challenge to know ‘where to start’. Talcwood helps you get out of the maze of questions. Often the recognition of your loved ones condition is the first step towards getting help. The need for aged care can raise all sorts of emotions, stress, guilt and depression for all the family.

Questions and fears can arise around the cost of residential aged care, Centrelink and the ongoing associated costs.

How Can We Help?

We will sit and cut through the jargon of aged care. Clarify the rules, regulations and fees in an ever changing environment.We will provide you with a report detailing the potential impacts and the options available to you under current legislation. This report will not include direct recommendations. We will assist with the completion of any Centrelink forms relevant to our discussion. We can provide the necessary ongoing support to you on entering the residential care facility, or in-home care and your family members should they have concerns.

Our team of experienced caring consultants can assist with

Home Transition

Home organising, decluttering and preparing for property sale.

Financial Planning

Including eligibility for government support programs, such as Centrelink and referral to accredited financial planners and solicitors.

Property Sale

Information to help you make decisions about selling or retaining the family home.


Estate Planning

 Ensuring all legal paperwork is assembled and complete, such as Power of Attorney where necessary and a Will.


Choosing an appropriate residential facility.


“During the last eighteen months, my family and I had the pleasure of working with Darryl and Vicki in the lead up to my mother’s placement into a local Aged Care Facility. I say pleasure, as they were both nothing but delightful and supportive throughout the mind-bending process of working through the Aged Care maze of websites, and endless phone calls to those who manage our senior citizens.

Darryl and Vicki provided an invaluable service, where they were able to continuously and determinedly troubleshoot the confusing guidelines surrounding Aged Care placement, and specifically the financial restrictions and requirements necessary to protect our mother’s assets and income. We discovered that there are very few businesses which provide such guidance, and we would never have been able to find the necessary information, which eventually saw our mother settled and safe, without the assistance of Darryl and Vicki.

Their level of personal care in our situation went beyond the normal expectations one would expect of such a service.
We thank them both from the bottom of our hearts. ”

Gail Byrnes
On behalf of my very thankful family.

Leave your stress to the professionals

We understand that when having an elderly parent or close relative you can often experience a moment when you realize that age has crept up on that family member.