Aged Care Options

Feel like you’re in a maze of options?

Do you feel confused with the Aged Care Options?

Listening to all the advice from others and can’t make sense of it all?

Or perhaps you picture yourself stuck in this confusing maze of Options?

Moving into care takes you further into the maze. It’s hard to know which path to take. At Talcwood we help you with your options so you can make an informed choice.

With the help of Talcwood and our detailed reports you know you have the support to know which door to choose.

Some of the confusion we help with and the benefits of choosing Talcwood;


You will understand how you will be impacted both long and short term.


Understand your Centrelink or DVA eligibility


Be mindful of possible pitfalls and mistakes that can occur without consultation


Care at home or residential care


We will direct you through the maze and provide you with a report that will detail your overall outcome.


The information contained in our report is not advice, however it will provide you with a greater understanding of costs, entitlements and a projected estate value and the knowledge to make an informed choice.


Additionally our report can save you both time and money. From our experience, in many cases a complete financial planner may not be required. Of course this is subject to your personal circumstances and chosen residential aged care facility.


When you have made your decision we will assist you to complete any necessary forms.

Leave your stress to the professionals

We understand that when having an elderly parent or close relative you can often experience a moment when you realize that age has crept up on that family member.