Aged Care Support


The decision is made, now you need support!

So you’ve made your decision, the support doesn’t stop here. At Talcwood we are with you every step of the way.

We know, like anything new there is a lot to learn. We find that support at this time is crucial and sitting down with the family or friends allows us to discuss and understand the expected outcome. This is an effective way for us to learn if the group has varying views and expectations. Remembering family dynamics are terribly complex, at Talcwood we understand this.

Our common goal is your loved ones well being. Our support comes in many ways;

Provide informed choice

Simplifying the jargon

Help with understanding Centrelink & DVA Aged Care requirements

Supporting with Cash flow

Support with retaining or selling the family home

We help you understand the costings

Recommend professionals to help adapt to your new situation

Refer you to support services where required

At Talcwood we recognise the need to make an informed decision for that special someone, however, this decision is not made just on information but made with love.
Through our own family experiences we understand the depth of feeling and guilt that we all feel, don’t wait for a crisis to seek advice about aged care.
We simplify the jargon

Did you know that Aged care facilities charge fees in many different ways? Basic daily care fees, a RAD, DAP or a combination of these fees. Together with these you may find fees for extra services.

Providing informed choice

In the end there are strong protections to ensure there is affordable aged care for all. The costs you may have to pay are regulated by the government. Our extensive report will detail these costs in easy to read format. Our modelling tools help you appreciate the finer points of aged care. Remember, no two set of circumstances are the same, aged care modelling takes into consideration of all fees, Centrelink / DVA options, cash flow, taxation and finally estate planning. Our recommendations offer you an integrated solution to help you make an informed choice.




Leave your stress to the professionals

We understand that when having an elderly parent or close relative you can often experience a moment when you realize that age has crept up on that family member.